A Homemade Dog Food Recipe and Why I Made The Switch

A Recipe for Homemade Dog Foodles and Why I Made The Switch

Why I Make My Own Homemade Dog Food I have a 7 year old Shih Tzu who thru the years has become my baby, my sidekick, my guardian and protector. As he has gotten older he has begun to have certain health issues. A few years ago I was feeding him packets of soft dog […]

Stop Adding Me to Your Facebook Group!


On the cusp of your Memorial Day sales, STOP ADDING ME TO YOUR FACEBOOK GROUPS! Please. Facebook notifications annoy me. The annoyance escalates when “Person you haven’t seen in years added you to blah blah group.” There are 800 million Facebook members in the world. Why do you have to keep adding ME to your […]

Our Favorite Memorial Day Picnic Recipes

Our Favorite Memorial Day Picnic Recipes

Summer time is almost here and with it come lots of picnics and cookouts, which is one reason I love summer. I love being able to get together with family and friends, share some food, play some games and relax. With the Memorial Day holiday just a few days away we know many of you […]