Kentucky 4th of July Independence Day Celebrations

4th of July, Independence Day Celebrations Across Kentucky

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Do you have plans for the 4th of July weekend? If you’re like me it’s slipped up on you! I realized today that the holiday weekend is just a few days away. If you’re looking for 4th of July Independence […]

London, Kentucky: Get Your Mind Out of the Holler

London, Kentucky--Get Out of Your Holler, Hometown, Our response to a recent article, meth, drugs, crime, & poverty

People like controversy because that’s what sells. Miley Cyrus Reading this article written by a London, Kentucky millennial struck a chord today. The blog post was not lost on thousands of London natives,¬† who took to the internet to voice their concerns about inaccuracies contained in the piece. This young author described an impoverished holler […]

My Surgery and Successful Recovery from Plantar Fasciitis

My Surgery & Recovery from Plantar Fasciitis, A Success Story

  Plantar Fasciitis Surgery Earlier this year I kept you all updated on my battle with Plantar Fasciitis and the surgery and recovery process, as I tried to get rid of the incredible pain. You can read more about my journey at these links: Plantar Fasciitis–Looking for Relief Recovering from Surgery: Plantar Fasciotomy and Gastrocnemius […]

DIY Non-Toxic Ant Bait

DIY Non-Toxic Ant Bait

Lately I have been under attack! It’s been a real battle every minute of every hour of every day. No matter what I do the enemy keeps coming back with a never ending supply of soldiers. The Enemy The enemy…..the dreaded ant. You know which ones I’m talking about. The tiny small sugar ants, wood […]